Sweep the floor often to remove any abrasive materials that could potentially damage your floor.

Felt protectors should be placed under the legs or bottoms of heavy furniture, chairs, etc.

Apply leading hardwood cleaner to towels to clean the floor. Do not apply the cleaner directly to the flooring.

Use a white washcloth and hard surface cleaner to remove spills on the flooring quickly.

Avoid wearing spike-heeled shoes or damaged shoes on the floor as they can cause damage.

Do not use a wet or damp mop to clean the hardwood floor. Any water can damage the flooring.

UV rays produced by the sun can alter the tone and color of your flooring.

Place mats at all points in the home with exterior entrances to avoid debris being tracked onto the flooring.

Do not use products containing wax, oil, or polish on hardwood, as doing so will create a residue on the wood surface that will cause the finish to dull.

Keep your housepets' nails clipped short in order to avoid scratches. The larger the pet, the greater the danger of scratches.

Put a rug in front of all water sources, such as kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and any other place where water could spill onto the hardwood.