What kind of hardwood to choose? There are issues of both substance and style that need to be taken into account. For instance, light wood may be more appropriate for a casual setting, while dark wood lends itself to more formal surroundings. There are no hard and fast rules, simply select what strikes your fancy and fits into your budget. Remember that different types of woods can vary greatly in price.

     When pricing the different flooring options, it is important to remember that flooring is priced by the square foot. It's a good idea to get your measurements first. Once you know the square footage of the area to be covered, you'll be able to estimate the cost.

     As you are deciding what variety of wood to use, you might want to consider the relative hardness of the wood. The table presented below shows a relative hardness rating for several different species of wood used in hardwood flooring. The relative hardness is based on the Janka Rating system, which measures the force required to drive a  .444” steel ball into the wood, so that half the diameter of the steel ball is embedded. The higher the number, the harder the species of wood.

     Another issue in regard to the wood you choose is the grading of the wood. Grading is a system created by The Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association (NOFMA) to describe the appearance of hardwood floors. The grades take into account things like color, grain and markings. The most popular grades of wood are clear and select. These woods have fewer markings and are more consistent in appearance than the common and character grades, which may have a variety of markings.

These species listed below are also available through Decorus Floors.

Janka Hardness Ratings for Various Species of Wood 
3680 Brazilian Walnut (Ipe)
3540 Brazilian Teak (Cumaru) 
3220 Ebony
3190 Bolivian Cherry (Cerezo)
3000 Brazilian Rosewood (Tamarindo) 
2900 Bloodwood
2820 Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) 
2300 Caribbean Rosewood
2200 Santos Mahogany
2170 Asian Rosewood 
2046 Australian Beech
1980 Bubinga
1925 Merbau
1860 Purpleheart
1820 Pecan
1820 Hickory 
1750 Acacia
1725 African Padauk
1720 African Blackwood 
1710 Kempas 
1510 Sapele
1500 Brazilian Maple
1460 Taun
1450 Hard maple 
1450 North American Maple
1400 Caribbean Walnut 
1375 Australian Cypress
1360 White Oak 
1350 Tasmanian Oak
1320 White Ash 
1300 American Beech
1290 Red Oak (Northern) 
1260 Yellow Birch 
1260 Red Oak 
1225 Heart Pine 
1155 Asian Teak
1100 Alpine Ash
1010 North American Walnut
1010 Black Walnut 
950 North American Cherry
950 Black Cherry
870 So.Yellow Pine (longleaf)
800 Honduran Mahogany 
690 So. Yellow Pine
660 Douglas Fir
420 White Pine
410 Basswood
350 Western Red Cedar